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How do you update a Tree ContextMenu programmatically?

I have defined the Menu like this:

<p:contextMenu id="treeMenu" widgetVar="treeMenuWidget" for="treeSingle" model="#{treeBean.model}"/>

And then in the bean, getModel is defined like this:

public MenuModel getModel() {
    model = new DefaultMenuModel();
    log.debug("node=<" + node + ">");
    if (node != null){
        NodeInfo info = node.getNodeInfo();
        log.debug("info=<" + info + ">");
        if (info != null){
            if (info.isWritable()){
                if (info.isLeaf()){
                    MenuItem item = new MenuItem();
                                                                                new Class[] {ActionEvent.class}));
                    MenuItem item = new MenuItem();
                                                                                new Class[] {ActionEvent.class}));
                MenuItem item = new MenuItem();
                item.setValue("View Read Only");
                                                                            new Class[] {ActionEvent.class}));
    return model;

When I have the tree defined like this, onNodeSelect() and getModel() functions never get called to update the current tree node or the contextmenu:

<p:tree id="treeSingle" 
            <c:if test="#{!empty node.icon}">
                <f:attribute name="icon" value="#{node.icon}"/>
            <h:outputText value="#{node}"/>

If I add this listener to the tree, the onNodeSelect and getModel functions get called, but then I am noticing the contextmenu appears with the old node's context info and then disappears on its own. And then I have to right click the node again for it to display the context menu, at which time it displays correctly and with the correct node info.

<p:ajax event="select" update=":treeForm:treeMenu" listener="#{treeBean.onNodeSelect}" />  

So, in essence, it seems to me the functionality to support a programmatic context menu is broken or not supported at all. Is this correct?

How can I correctly display a programmatic context menu with content that changes from node to node?

It seems the problem that I am seeing is that the call that shows the context menu is being triggered before the context menu is updated and because of this it is somehow going away / being hidden - and then I have to right click on the node again for it to reappear with the updated content.

I have probably spent two days on this one trying to solve the problem and to no avail.

Also, if I add the following call to redisplay the contextmenu programmatically so that I don't have to right click on it again, I get an error:

Code to redisplay context menu so I don't have to click it again:


Error message:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'pageX' of undefined 

And the whole reason that I started trying to do this programmatically is because when I tried using the TreeNode nodeType attribute and different context menus for different node types, after adding 10 or so menus, if I simply rearranged the order of the menus in the xhtml page then they wouldn't be assigned to the correct node, which seems to be a bug. Therefore, I am now trying to solve it programmatically but getting other problems.

Well, I think I know what the problem is but I don't quite know how to fix it yet...

I added an alert to this JavaScript call in Menu.js:

bindTree: function() {
    var nodeSelector = this.jqTargetId + ' ' + (this.cfg.nodeType ? 'li.' + this.cfg.nodeType + ' .ui-tree-selectable': '.ui-tree-selectable'),
    event = this.cfg.event + '.tree',
    _self = this;

    $(document).off(event, nodeSelector)
                .on(event, nodeSelector, null, function(e) {
                    window[_self.cfg.targetWidgetVar].nodeClick(e, $(this));

And here is what I am seeing:


But the problem is that I have this kind of nesting:


So, nodes #3 and #5 are of the same type and I think that because list nodeType is already being used for node #3, then it is not used again for node #5 and node#5 ends up with the menu of the parent (node #4).

Is this a bug?

Can you please give me a clue as to how to fix it?

BTW - My trees are being build programmatically based on data that is dynamic and which I am not generating so I have no control about how many times a list node may appear nested or any other node types, for that matter.

I eagerly await someone's response...

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Why don't you use separate contextMenus for each node type? Tree and ContextMenu supports this via nodeType feature that matches treenode type. – Cagatay Civici Aug 29 '12 at 9:05
That is what I tried to do to begin with, however, as I stated above in my last paragraph, there seems to be a bug in that logic as the incorrect context menu ends being used for nodes if I have over 10 of them and I simply rearrange the order in which they are included in the xhtml page. – jrobertsz66 Aug 29 '12 at 14:13
Can anyone tell me what area of the Primefaces code I might be able to concentrate on to figure out why the wrong menu is being displayed? I have the latest 3.4 snapshot and I am now starting to build it with log4j statements but it would help if someone can point me to the right area. – jrobertsz66 Aug 30 '12 at 21:19

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