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I have an Xdebug cachegrind file in webgrind showing that 1061 different functions were called in 5865 milliseconds - when I disable profiling the script doesn't take that many milliseconds - I realize I could work this out but does anyone know the approximate percentage increase in execution time caused by Xdebug profiling?


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I am woundering the same thing thinking about using it for an app but really want to know what it will do the the perofmance i am thinking it does not store its self in ram to not effect the php so it will end up using a lot of disk io i recommend you use tmpfs or something on your linux to try to keep it from writing to disk all the time and than maybe a cron job or something to input it into a database or something – WojonsTech Sep 23 '12 at 8:17

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It's really difficult to say a specific number or percentage since that depends in the type and quantity of function calls, variables used and options you set in your xdebug.ini.

Here you can check a bit of research and tests done by some people.
short information about xdebug and the lexer cals

xdebug support mailing list

But of course, the final answer is yours, your application, your coding standards and your configurations are the ones that will set the final overhead.

Just remember, that as a general rule, xdebug should not be active in a production server. Some people have it enabled and everything is ok, but it's usually not a good idea.


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