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i wrote a code and i need to make it multithreaded. Evething works, but every loop repeats 4 times:

use LWP::UserAgent;
use HTTP::Cookies;
use threads;
use threads::shared;

$| = 1;

$threads = 4;
my @groups :shared = loadf('groups.txt');

my @thread_list = ();
$thread_list[$_] = threads->create(\&thread) for 0 .. $threads - 1;
$_->join for @thread_list;

sub thread
    my $url = 'http://www.site.ru/';
    my $response = $web->post($url, Content =>
                    ['st.redirect' => ''
    foreach $i (@groups)

        my $response  = $web->get($i);



sub loadf {
    open (F, "<".$_[0]) or erroropen($_[0]); 
    chomp(my @data = <F>);
    close F;
    return @data;

groups.txt :


I understand that i need to use threads::shared; but i can't undestand how to use it.

Your post does not have much context to explain the code sections; please explain your scenario more clearly.

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What behaviour do you expect and what did you get? Can you maybe remove unimportant sections of the code to provide a minimal example? See sscce.org –  amon Aug 28 '12 at 22:49

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The problem is that you never remove from @groups, so all threads do all jobs in @groups.

Here's one solution.

use threads;
use Thread::Queue qw( );

my $NUM_WORKERS = 4;

sub worker {
   my ($url) = @_;
   ... download the page ...

my $q = Thread::Queue->new();
my @workers;
for (1..$NUM_WORKERS) {
   push @workers, async {
      while (my $url = $q->dequeue()) {

$q->enqueue($_) for loadf('groups.txt');
$q->enqueue(undef) for @workers;
$_->join() for @workers;
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If you want processes instead of threads, just add use forks; at the top. –  ikegami Aug 28 '12 at 23:13
@ysth, oops! fixed. –  ikegami Aug 29 '12 at 1:45

Why do you need to make it threaded? perl does much better using forks in most cases.

That said, your code starts 4 threads, each of which processes everything in @groups. It sounds like that's not what you want to do. If you want @groups to be a queue of work to do, take a look at Thread::Queue (or Parallel::ForkManager).

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