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I have two clickable images in a table cell and need to click on them as part of a watin test run. The images have no IDs (nothing I can do about it). The images repeat every row with the same title.

I can call the image in the first row by using ImageByTitle("imageTitle").click(), but when I get to a cell in any other row I can't use that.

Is there a way to use ImageByTitle in a TableCell object, or is there another solution to this that I'm just not seeing?


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Why don't you cycle through table cells? –  Gabber Aug 29 '12 at 15:34
Thanks @Gabber. I ended up calling the images container in the cell, and iterated through them while looking at each image's title (the only thing I had to go by) to pick the one i needed. –  Kiki Aug 29 '12 at 18:18

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While there's no OOTB function to find images by title in a table cell, there is an option to get a collection of all the images in the given cell.

Once I had the collection, I iterated through the images by looking at each image title, and picked the one I needed to click on.

Thanks :)

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