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I created a web app that used Facebook Connect for login, and created a linked Facebook App Page for it (a couple years ago). I put a 'Like' button on my site, and gathered hundreds of Likes on facebook.com/apps/application.php?id=<MY_APP_ID>.

It seems that Facebook recently deleted App Pages? My Page is gone, along with all the followers I had. The URL above is no longer a Facebook App Page, but a redirect to my app URL. My 'Likes' on my site now sit at 0!!

  1. Is there any way to recover my App Page and the Likes I had on it??

  2. What is the best practice for using a Like button now? I'm scared that I'll start gathering Likes again, only to find them gone one day. => Should I (a) Create a 'Like' button whose URL is <MY_APP_URL>, or (b) Create a Facebook Page and have my users 'Like' that? How do the two relate?

Please help! Thank you.

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Contact the Facebook Developer Support Staff (whomever they are). SO is about programming questions, but nobody here can redress/address the issue posted with authority. (Although some people might have insight/suggestions ..) –  user166390 Aug 28 '12 at 23:29
Thank you. I went there and somehow ended up here. Will try again. I guess what I'm trying to achieve is to: (a) have a presence on Facebook through a Page that people can Like. Have those likes show on my web app. (b) If people 'Like' on my web app, then the Like should be reflected on the Page. I had previously achieved that with the App Page, but now it's gone. How should I achieve it now? –  Rodrigo Aug 28 '12 at 23:31