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Maybe i don't have any knowledge of how referencing works in VB6. I have an application written on visual basic 6. I've added Microsoft Scripting Runtime and Data Access Object 3.6 as references. I wanna know which component should be placed in others systems to prevent issues related to these two references. I mean if the user has windows XP, Vista,7 or 8 does my application will run correct in that versions of windows? (considering these two references)

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Have your clients install the EXEs created by Microsoft:

  • For Microsoft Scripting Runtime, check out the "Cause" Section of this article.
  • For DAO, check out the resolutiion section of this article.
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Thank you ray. I have another question. I use MSR only for getting file size( like this Set f = fso.GetFile(App.Path & "/dd.text") If f.Size=1000 .... ). Is there any other way to get file size with fewer limitations rather than the Microsoft scripting runtime? –  David Peterson Aug 30 '12 at 9:01
@DavidPeterson "FileLen" is what you want. –  ray Aug 30 '12 at 16:19

You will have to include DAO 3.6 redistributable files, as explained on the Microsoft support page; However, your application will work properly on all of these target Windows versions, if no other potential issues exists (e.g. other incompatible used ActiveX control)

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