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What package naming convention do you use for personal/hobby projects in Java?

I made a google sites site name sites.google.com/sites/abc.(abc is not real name)

Would mcl.abc.sites.com.google.sites be valid for a package name.

EDIT: Whoops com.google.sites.abc.mcl

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It'd be more traditional to use com.google.sites.mcl.abc, I think? –  Louis Wasserman Aug 28 '12 at 23:31

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Valid? Yes. Conventional? Probably not.

Java conventions typically recommend package names to be a website address (like your company's) in reverse, e.g. com.google.foo.

More on naming conventions here.

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Thanks i didn't know about the /'s. –  hjarrell Aug 28 '12 at 23:43

you can use any name, but if its valid its about the criteria that you use, i recommend the following criteria:

1) avoid to use country.company.util (i work in a project that the company change 3 times of name, so you can see in the same project names like: com.companyname1.util, cl.companyname2.util, com.companyname3.util) 2) you can use naming like: dev.utils or apiname.commons.utils or any other criteria

Well, i hope this clarify your doubts.

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Standard coding convention for packages in Java reverses the domain name.

Given your example,


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