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I am trying to use the name of an atrribute and place it in a selector but it is not working. I have done it with ID's before many times.

var x = $('input:checked').attr('value');//this should return the value.

then i have a div with the same name:

$('.' + x).show();

when x is alone it shows it as a string when I use the firebug console, but when I use it with show() nothing happens.

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Your code works just fine, but please validate the following:

  1. The input is actually checked;
  2. There exists an element whose class is the value of the checked checkbox.

Here's a working DEMO of your code.

then i have a div with the same name:

Do you mean a div with the attribute name equal to the checkbox value? If it is, you need to use $('[name="' + x + '"]').show() instead. The dot selector is for classes.

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my value had capital letters so apparently that was a problem...it didnt match the class! –  shamguy4 Aug 29 '12 at 1:14
@shamguy4: Thought it'd be something like that : ) –  João Silva Aug 29 '12 at 1:16

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