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I have an odd behavior of select tag. Here is a part of my code:


  def edit
    @user = User.find(current_user.id)

view (part)

=form_for @user
  = f.label :gender
  = genders_select(f)


  def genders_select(form)
    form.select :gender, [ ['Female','0'], ['Male', '1'] ], :prompt=>'select your gender'

On edit action select doesn't have prompt value, it has 2 values: Female and Male. After I choose any value and press a button, 'select your gender' appears in it and an error "Gender can't be blank" also does.

Why is this happening and how do I solve it?

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I had the same issue. Use :include_blank instead of :prompt, i.e.,

def genders_select(form)
  form.select :gender, [ ['Female','0'], ['Male', '1'] ], :include_blank=>'select your gender'

See here for more info.

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please try this, I think it will work

f.select(:gender, options_for_select(['male', 'female']), {:prompt => 'Select Gender'}, {:class => "form-control slct-box"})
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