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I have an application and wish to monitor MSWord keypressing (LOCAL HOOK), but I cant figure out how to find the pid to be used! The bellow CODE WORKS GOOD with global hook (pid = 0) and with (pid = GetCurrentThreadId). But doesn´t work with GetWindowThreadProcessId:

      HWND hWindow = FindWindowEx(NULL,NULL,String("Notepad").w_str(),NULL);
if (!hWindow) {
   ShowMessage("hWindow fail");

unsigned long pid;
GetWindowThreadProcessId(hWindow ,&pid);

//pid = GetCurrentThreadId();
if (!hWindow) {
   ShowMessage("pid fail");

String s = "HookDLL.dll";
HOOKFCT_2 InstHook=reinterpret_cast<HOOKFCT_2> (GetProcAddress(DllHandle,"InstallHook"));

if(!InstHook(pid, (void *)(callIt) ))
    Label1->Caption="Unable to install mouse hook!";
else Label1->Caption="Mouse hook installed!";

I will be very, very gratefuLl for any light on the problem...


  1. I wish a hook to MSWord only.

  2. The above code works, failling only when trying to hook on another application (i.e.: not using pid=0 or pid=GetCurrentThreadId), resulting in = "Unable to install mouse hook!".

  3. I already try FindWindow, FindWindowEx, GetForegroundWindow, GetActiveWindow; since not of this works, I belive the problem is GetWindowThreadProcessId.

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GetCurrentThreadId only returns a thread ID, not process ID. You should use GetWindowThreadProcessId to retrieve the process ID that own the specified window. Note that the window must belong to the MSWord application. Also check for that hook DLL documentations for any limitations. Without details on what method that hook DLL uses, it's impossible to guess what might cause the problem. –  Jay Aug 29 '12 at 12:22

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SetWindowsHookEx requires thread ID, not process ID. Pass thread ID instead:

DWORD threadID = GetWindowThreadProcessId(hWindow, 0);

if(!InstHook(threadID, (void *)(callIt) )) {...}
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Ok, my error I'm thinking GetWindowThreadProcessId returns the threadId into second argument (passed by ref). THANKS –  sgm Aug 29 '12 at 12:47
Please accept answer, if it was helpful. –  Xearinox Aug 29 '12 at 14:52

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