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Context: I have a list of transactions (trades) in a csv file. I like to import these transactions into R and then plot the trades on the chart so that I can see visually the entries and exits. I finally figured the import part (from amzn_test.R in blotter demo) but having difficulty in changing color for plotted trade markers on the chart.

I noticed that the colors are currently fixed for the trade markers in source code for chart.Posn.R (package:blotter). (Filename: chart.Posn.R, Code URL: https://r-forge.r-project.org/scm/viewvc.php/pkg/blotter/R/chart.Posn.R?view=markup&root=blotter)

if(!is.null(nrow(Buys)) && nrow(Buys) >=1 ) (add_TA(Buys,pch=2,type='p',col='green', on=1));
    if(!is.null(nrow(Sells)) && nrow(Sells) >= 1) (add_TA(Sells,pch=6,type='p',col='red', on=1));

Question: Is there any way I can override these colors? If I cannot is there any way I can change the background chart theme to black so that the trade markers are visible better? I tried various ways to set the chartTheme but ran into errors.

To reproduce error, execute following blotter amzn_test demo code fragment and then the custom code.

Demo code:


# Remove portfolio and account data if run previously

# load the example data
# Initialize the Portfolio
initAcct("amzn_acct",portfolios="amzn_port",initDate="2010-01-14", initEq=10000)
# look at the transactions data
# Add the transactions to the portfolio

# update the portfolio stats

# update the account P&L

# and look at it

Custom Code:

> black_theme = chartTheme("black")
> chart.Posn("amzn_port","amzn",Dates="2010-01-14", theme=chartTheme("black"))
Error in if (theme$lylab) { : argument is of length zero

I appreciate very much if anyone can guide me on how to solve this.


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chart.Posn uses chart_Series, which is not compatible with chartTheme. Instead you would use chart_theme. I think you're supposed to be able to do this thm <- chart_theme(); thm$col$bg <- 'black'; chart.Posn("amzn_port","amzn",Dates="2010-01-14", theme=thm). However, I think this is a bug (or not yet a working feature). –  GSee Nov 6 '12 at 23:58
Hi GSee - Thanks. I think this would be great functionality to have. One common problem with many trading platforms when it comes to multi-symbol strategies (like rotation or paired switching) etc, is they don't allow a trader to see the strategy entries, exits and trails tops on the secondary charts. I think functionality to plot (markers and custom background) on secondary charts (on price panel) would be useful to many traders who rely more on TA and charts. –  Atrad Nov 7 '12 at 18:20
I filed a bug report, but I wouldn't hold my breath. –  GSee Nov 7 '12 at 18:23

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