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How to build and compile PJSIP for desktop Mac? I have done with iPhone/iPad. But still have an issue, so now I want to try to build in a desktop Mac version.

I followed this link, honestly i dont understand at all how to use it. Because it's different for what I have done in mobile.

Any clue? thanks.

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For iphone you had to define the PJ_CONFIG_IPHONE to your config:


This part is not needed anymore. Then you had to call ./configure-iphone for mac you just have to call ./configure and in the rest is like any other package compilation and installation on linux and unix environment:

# ./configure
# make dep
# make
# make install
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how about the openSSL? it installed automatically? I did it, but still can't adding an account. The TLS connection closed. – Alfred Angkasa Aug 30 '12 at 14:51

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