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I am using Gerrit2.4.2. My account is an administrator, also in Reviewer and Verifier groups(I created these two groups manually). In All-Projects, I allow Reviewer group to review /ref/* and Verifier to submit /ref/*. See my diagram below: All-Projects Access right settings

We have a project named as appengine. Also have a group called 'appengine team'. This group has two memebers: another developer and me.

Now another developer added a test file and pushed it to HEAD:refs/for/master. But I didn't get any email notification. After he logged into the Gerrit web site and found his change issue. And added my email manually, I could see the email notification and also could see the change issue in web site. Now the reviewer input is empty

My project's settings look like so: enter image description here

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Gerrit doesn't send email notifications when a change is uploaded, unless you are watching that project (Settings->Watched Projects). You will also get an email notification if somebody adds you as a reviewer to a change.

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I tried 'watched project' menu already. But the change didn't appear in my changes page until I approve it. Also I need to be notified automatically instead of refreshing gerrit web page repeatedly. Ask others to add me into their changes manually each time is not a good idea. Some of us would forget that. – Dean Chen Aug 31 '12 at 2:00
The 'watched project' menu will email you on a new change, but will not automatically add the change to your changes page. You must be added as a reviewer for the change to show up in your changes page - either add yourself when you get the notification email or ask others to add you. – Brad Sep 3 '12 at 2:11
My current way is to use one parameter for receive-pack command.Add some into my .git/config file:

[remote "review"]
    pushurl = ssh://username@IP:29418/myproject.git
    push = HEAD:refs/for/master

    receivepack = git receive-pack --reviewer csfreebird

The developer using 'git push review' each time, I can get an email.

Not perfect, Gerrit server should take the responsibility.
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