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I am trying to make a REST API with CakePHP but I'm not sure how to approach resources that are more than one level down. For example, I want to make my API so that when a client sends a get request to /users/1/friends.json, a JSON representation of that user's friends is returned. What would be the preferred way to approach this? Should I create a Friendships controller and model and reroute as necessary or perhaps keep everything in the users controller? Just want to know what the standard way of doing this is.

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If you want to expose a lot of features like: creating/updating/deleting a user, getting a user, getting all users, etc. you end with a lot of methods in your controller.

I would suggest to use different controllers:

  • a UserController which owns CRUD methods related to a user, and a method to fetch all users. That would mean 5 methods in this controller;
  • a FriendController which owns all methods related to a friendship relation: getting user's friends but also creating/removing relations between two users.

I don't know CakePHP but I wrote something about Symfony2 REST APIs and my use case was a User API. You could pick ideas like how to manage friendship relations between users.

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