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I need help on fading in and out 3 images. Once the third image fades out the page will redirect.

<img src="images/slide1.jpg" alt="Example" id="slideshow" />
$(function() {

$('#slideshow').fadeIn(3000, function() {
$(this).delay(1000).fadeOut(2000, function() { window.location = 'http://google.com/'; });

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Give the 3 images a common class (eg: slideshow).

var images = $('.slideshow'), len = images.length;

images.each(function(i) {
  $(this).delay(i*6000).fadeIn(3000, function() {
     $(this).delay(1000).fadeOut(2000, function() {
         if (i === len - 1) window.location = 'http://google.com/';           

The working demo.

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Works exactly the way I wanted it to. Thanks! –  Scott Aug 29 '12 at 4:29

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