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I have trouble understanding how mapping works with knockoutjs.


I have an API, that returns JSON

I want to map that JSON to a list in my view


    var data = JSON.stringify([
            "text": "this be some text"
            "text": "some more text here"

    var viewModel = ko.mapping.fromJSON(data);

    var updateData = function(){
        var newData = JSON.stringify([
                "text": "this be some asdfasdfasdf"
                "text": "some more asdfasdfdfdf here"

        ko.mapping.fromJSON(newData, viewModel);


data and newData are in the same format I would be getting my data from API calls. (Just array of objects)

How can i output that data?

<ul data-bind="foreach: whatgoeshere?">
    <li data-bind="text: text"></li>

Thanks for explaining to me how this magic works ;) Have a good day

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At first you should use fromJS instead of fromJSON as the last one expects a string that contains a json.

Another thing is that you should modify your viewmodel like this:

{ arr: [ { name:'text' }, ... ] }

And type arr in your foreach binding.

If you don't want to modify your model then you may pass $root to your foreach that points to your model used in ko.applyBindings

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Thanks, $root did the trick. Sorry my code sample wasnt proper. I have updated it, so that data and newData are now JSON strings ;) –  Tilman Köster Aug 29 '12 at 4:45

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