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I want to generate excel sheet from data in the database models

  • I want the feature to custom headings

  • I want to download from browser

  • I want to send it to email

Is there any gem for doing this requirement

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You can use axlsx gem for generating the xls documents

these are few links

May this help you

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Try axlsx. It's a very good spread sheet generator.
Downloading and email can be done with Rails. No need for other gem.

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I work at Expected Behavior, and we've created a web app called DocRaptor that converts HTML to Excel. DocRaptor is a subscription based product, but we offer a free plan that allows users to create up to 5 documents per month.

Since you mention wanting custom headers, I figured it might be a good fit.

Here's a link to a Switch on the Code blog about using DocRaptor to generate Excel files:

And a link to DocRaptor's home page:

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