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@interface Demo2ViewController () <GMGridViewDataSource, GMGridViewSortingDelegate, GMGridViewTransformationDelegate>
    __gm_weak GMGridView *_gmGridView1;
    __gm_weak GMGridView *_gmGridView2;

    __gm_weak UIButton *_buttonOptionsGrid1;
    __gm_weak UIButton *_buttonOptionsGrid2;

    UIPopoverController *_popOverController;
    UIViewController *_optionsController1;
    UIViewController *_optionsController2;

Trying out the GMGridview, and saw this __gm_weak GMGridView *_gmGridView1;. Anyone know what __gm_weak means and when do you use __? Thanks in advance.

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those declarations are not common, they are defined in the GMGridView sources:

// ARC on iOS 4 and 5

#define __gm_weak __weak
#define __gm_weak __unsafe_unretained

as far as the double underscore usage, i'd advise against it. just consider it reserved for the implementation (e.g. toolchain) and use a normal identifier.

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