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I'm running WAMP server 2.1 I decide to bite the bullet and play with the .htaccess file. I created one in the root dir c:\wamp\www and is thus:

ErrorDocument 400 http://localhost:8070/Test/error-page.php
ErrorDocument 403 http://localhost:8070/Test/error-page.php
ErrorDocument 404 http://localhost:8070/Test/error-page.php
ErrorDocument 405 http://localhost:8070/Test/error-page.php
ErrorDocument 408 http://localhost:8070/Test/error-page.php
ErrorDocument 500 http://localhost:8070/Test/error-page.php
ErrorDocument 502 http://localhost:8070/Test/error-page.php
ErrorDocument 504 http://localhost:8070/Test/error-page.php

I wanted to set a default error doc and use some php to redirect.

Because of a conflict of port 80, I use 8080, so

http://localhost/ becomes http://localhost:8080/

Navigating to


works, and navigating to a dummy directory produces the familiar 404 error and does not redirect to error-page.php

I have set

AllowOverride All

except for

<Directory "cgi-bin">

the .htaccess file was created in notepad and is an ansi file, and NO it is called .htaccess NOT .htaccess.txt or other variation.

I have set

AccessFileName .htaccess

Please help, why doesn't it work ?

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If you add a bunch of gibberish (like asdjadkjslfdae) in your htaccess file, do you get a 500 internal server error when you try to visit something like /? –  Jon Lin Aug 29 '12 at 4:51
@Jon Lin This morning when I started the computer, got a 404 error for localhost:8080, so something has happened, then tried your suggestion, still the same - 404, so not too sure whats happened here, any suggestions would be appreciated. I will also try resetting httpd.conf. Note I did reset my computer yesterday when mucking about, so don't understand what the difference between yesterday and today is. –  user784298 Aug 29 '12 at 23:11
Well, if you put bad config data in your htaccess and it isn't throwing a 500 error, your htaccess file isn't being accessed. –  Jon Lin Aug 29 '12 at 23:28

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fixed the problem, what was happening, httpd.conf was trying to load a non-existent module, and therefore, the conf file wasn't being loaded, I did look in the logs before, but didn't notice this. thanks for your help !!

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Your question helped me. My problem was that my .htaccess was .htaccess.txt. –  Eda190 Mar 14 at 16:18

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