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I clearly remember that 2 months ago whenever i had any javascript error , It was shown as red text in Firefox console , and i knew what is the problem.

But now its not doing that.

I had one undefined variable and i was using that. But i didn't knew. i had to waste 1 hour to find that.

But firebug didn't show anything on console. It was showing before 2-3 months back

Same in Firefox and Google chrome

What should i do

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Please try firebug 1.2b12 from Please check that you have Console enabled and Console > Options > Javascript Errors checked.

If you still have a problem please open a bug report and attach a complete test case.

Source :!topic/firebug/HgpEGNLZ18c

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thanks , 1.2b was compatible with current version of firefox , so i installed the latest one and its working fine – user825904 Aug 29 '12 at 5:38

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