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Can anyone tell me how this image is resizing? If you remove the bg from the page with firebug you will have a clear vision of the image.

I notice that when the page is scaled the width and height attributes apply and start to scale the image. I have looked through the page and there is no css indicating a percentage width or height and no js in sight.

How is this working? Thanks

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I would tentatively say this is a browser built-in feature as the url ends with image extension, browser know it's not html page, so it would render it in a different way.

Well, I still do not think there is something magical out there, in a normal html page, if you set a fixed width to an image, browser will resize its height automatically. It's more like this scenario:

<div class="image-wrapper">
   <img width="100%" src="..."/>

image would be resized per its original ratio with the width change of image-wrapper

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Well I tested an image from one of my sites to see how the browser handled it and I got a fixed width image. Everything looks the same but different results. There is nothing in the page that indicates a percentage for the image width... Still not clear how this is working? – EZDC Aug 29 '12 at 5:58

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