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at now i am trying to add a label beside a frame. And i have a text for the label and want to align it to center but it fails and always be left-align. Please help me!

Simulation sm = new Simulation(dm);
JFrame simulation = new JFrame();
simulation.setTitle("Traffic light and Car park Siumulation");

simulation.add(sm, BorderLayout.CENTER);

//Carpark label
JLabel carparklb = new JLabel("abcd");
carparklb.setPreferredSize(new Dimension(200,600));


simulation.add(carparklb, BorderLayout.EAST);
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From the Java Docs

setVerticalTextPosition(int textPosition)

Sets the vertical position of the label's text, relative to its image.

Try JLabel.setVerticalAlignment and JLabel.setHorizontalAlignment instead

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carparklb.setAlignmentY(JLabel.CENTER_ALIGNMENT); carparklb.setAlignmentX(JLabel.CENTER_ALIGNMENT);

This will align the text to the center of the label both horizontally and vertically. If you only wanted to center it horizontally, you can try either:

JLabel carparklb = new JLabel("abcd", JLabel.CENTER_ALIGNMENT);



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Use html code as:

    "<html><font size=\"5\"><P ALIGN =\"CENTER\">ARGHYA</P></font></html>"

and use it as the String in the label.

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