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I have a website where I allow users to sign up using normal registration as well as login via facebook.

If the users signs up using normal registration then I want to provide him with an option of connect via facebook. I will give him this option to connect only if he is already logged in using normal login in this case.

So my problem is, how do I link the two accounts which may not have same email ids in this case? In other words I want to link these two accounts on my system.

Thanks in Advance.

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They don't need to have the same emails at all. The common practice is to have such DB schema.

1st table: users: id, display_name, registration_date, ...
2nd table: auth_email: user_id, email, password, salt
3rd table: auth_facebook: user_id, facebook_id

So you see - having Facebook user id you may find user_id on your site and authenticate the user.

In the similar way: having email + password from the login form - you can find user_id and authenticate the user

If you want to add another authentication schema - just add correspondent table with user_id foreign key.

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Thanks for your prompt response. Your answer provided me an idea how I could apply the same in my application. – priyanka Aug 29 '12 at 6:05

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