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I have an array like this

var records:Object = {};
var arr:Array = [
                records["nh"] = { medinc:66303},
                records["ct"] = { medinc:65958},
                records["nj"] = { medinc:65173},
                records["md"] = { medinc:64596},
                records["kk"] = { medinc:61321} 

arr.sortOn("medinc", Array.NUMERIC);

and I have the array sorted numerically. My question is how I can get the numeric value from each record? I want to use that value to set the width of different movie clips.

Something like

object1.width=(record for the [0] position in the array)
object2.width=(record for the [1] position in the array)
object3.width=(record for the [2] position in the array)


I hope this is clear enough. Thanks for your help!

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trace(arr[0]['medinc']); // 61321

Basically, to address a certain field in the nested object, you address it as an associative array with an index of type String.

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trace(arr[0].medinc); should work too – Mark Knol Aug 29 '12 at 8:33

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