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I have some structures with nested lazy sequences which read from files. When I'm testing I would like to be able to wrap them in a recursive version of doall to make sure all the data is pulled from the files before the files get closed.

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(defn doall-recur [s]
  (if (seq? s)
    (doall (map doall-recur

(use 'clojure.contrib.duck-streams)
(with-open [r1 (reader "test1.txt")
            r2 (reader "test2.txt")]
  (doall-recur (list (line-seq r2) (line-seq r1))))


(("This is test2.txt" "") ("This is test1.txt" ""))
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(defn doall* [s] (dorun (tree-seq seq? seq s)) s)
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This worked for me in a unit test

(use 'clojure.walk)
(postwalk identity nested-lazy-thing)
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