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Does Publish-Subscribe method work if:

  1. publisher and subscribers are in different networks (I've checked once - it works)
  2. subscribers are behind NAT\firewall

In both cases packet routing works correctly.

As I understand PUB\SUB uses the same TCP transport, so if PUB\SUB doesn't work so standard windows winsock doesn't work too? Is PUB\SUB proxy (like that needed if packet routing mechanism is undefined only?

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I've found some code uses PUB\SUB model and works with NAT here

Publisher that connects, rather than binds:

import zmq
ctxt = zmq.Context()
pub = ctxt.socket(zmq.PUB)
while 1:

Subscriber that binds, rather than connects:

import zmq
ctxt = zmq.Context()
sub = ctxt.socket(zmq.SUB)
while 1:
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