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I'm struggling for last couple of hours writing regular expression in javascript that would allow me to do following: I have in my app functionality that allows user to write expressions and validations that should be calculated/validated on screen. These expression language is basically javascript with few extensions written by myself.

What does the language basically do is that it takes the validaton string, replaces in it all references to items in current questionnaire and runs eval function on it.

So for example I have following validation conditions in my app: #TOTAL_ARRIVALS!=#FOR_ARRIVALS+#BULG_ARRIVALS

# character means that I'm referencing to data item in questionnaire. So previous evaluation on this condition finds values of all mentioned data items, replaces it in this strings by their values and evaluates result at the end returning true/false based on whether condition is met.

And now to problem: I need to change functionality of this language the way that it would be possible to run custom functions in it. e.g.: #cccc.NEW_FUNCTION

Problem is that reference to data item could itself consist of string like this:

#[reference to module of questionnaire].[reference to data item]

so currently when I would process string like this : #cccc.NEW_FUNCTION my engine would understand from this expression that I'm referencing to data item NEW_FUNCTION in module cccc,

which is not what I want, because what I wanted is to reference to data item cccc in default module and run function NEW_FUNCTION on its value. So I need somehow to tell the regex what are reserved words for functions and force it to not capture these strings into data item reference variables, instead into function variable.

regex looks like currently following:

eItemRegex = /#(([a-zA-Z0-9_]+)\.)?([a-zA-Z0-9_]+)(\s*\()?/i;

So I need to change to something like :

eItemRegex = /#(([a-zA-Z0-9_]+)\.)?([a-zA-Z0-9_]+)(\.(NEW_FUNCTION|NEW_FUNCTION2))?(\s*\()?/i;

But this would obviously not work for all cases I need. It would work for:

#module.cccc.NEW_FUNCTION but not for


which is basically the same, only reference to module is missing - what means that default module should be used.

I know it would be possible to write regex which would refuse certain strings on some matches, I'm just wondering if there isn't more elegant solution.

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Can you please type up a bunch of test cases that you want the regular expression to match and a bunch which it should fail on? If you can provide this I'll create an expression for you. – Lindrian Aug 29 '12 at 7:45
Thank you very much Lindrian for interest, I need to retrieve following patterns from these strings: 1. #module.cccc.NEW_FUNCTION "module" into variable moduleString, "cccc" into variable dataItemString, "NEW_FUNCTION" into variable functionString 2. #cccc.NEW_FUNCTION - moduleString variable - empty, dataItemString - value "cccc" Problem in this case is that I need to distinguish in case function identifier is some special string I recognize - NEW_FUNCTION. If it is not, "cccc" should be pushed to moduleString variable and string for function would be in this case dataItemString identifier. – Peter Boško Aug 29 '12 at 12:59

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