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What is the difference between Ext JS and sencha is ext js 4.0 reverse compatible with ext js 3.4 ?

As per i have searched on web i found that merger of Ext JS with JQTouch formed sencha any guesses ? Thanks in advance.

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Firstly, Sencha did not merge with JQTouch.

Ext renamed to Sencha to better reflect that they were not just doing a single framework anymore, ExtJS, but a whole suite of tools including Sencha Touch.

As for compatibility, there were significant changes between ExtJS 3 and ExtJS 4 so they aren't directly compatible. If I recall there was a compatibility layer developed but I haven't used it and it wasn't meant to be a long term solution.

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Sencha is the company. It has several products. The two most popular at the moment are:

1) Ext JS - Framework for building client side apps for desktop.

2) Sencha Touch - Framework for build client side adds for mobile.

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