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As i am new to facebook api am trying to implement facebook api in actionscript 2.0 ( connecting to fb sever, user login, highscores submitting ......) can anyone let me know how to implement these things in facebook api in as2. - if possible provide any examples

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Now, ActionScript 3.0 is better supported - there's a full-fledged open-source library, for consuming the Graph API with AS3. You'd find it here.

Like Sathish says, consider switching to AS3. While you might find something for AS2 if you dig through this, it's really not a great idea.

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Unfortunately There is not an official as2 api for Facebook, but googling aggresively I found this: http://www.whiteinteractive.com/facebook/asclient.php

... I don't know anything about this library (plus, the project is discontinued the author himself has abandoned it) so by no means I can recommend it. My advice? Upgrade to as3 and you won't look back, it is so much better (and more powerful) than poor old as2!

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hi sathish, thank you for the replay, actually my game is developed in as2.0 so my client need facebook score subimistion and saving the user individual scores. –  Chandu Aug 29 '12 at 7:10

An option to look at may be to do your facebook integration in javascript, and interface with the javascript using ExternalInterface. We are using the javascript SDK rather than the AS3 version for many of our sites.


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