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Just trying to search a particular text inside files belonging to a directory(and all its subdirectories).

1) findstr /f:"C:\\test.txt" "TextForSearch" > "out.txt"

gives me the correct answer. test.txt here contains all the files that are to be searched.It is being re-directed to out.txt.

Now, out.txt contains all the matching instances but are not delimited using spaces. How to get a list of all filename(only filenames) with a space or delimiter in the file out.txt?

2) findstr /D:"C:\\" "TextForSearch" 

does not search at all. It simply hangs? Where am I going wrong here?

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The /M option makes findstr print only the filename when a match is found. It should output one match per line, so no delimiter is needed. – Harry Johnston Aug 29 '12 at 7:52
That works! great.. thanks @Harry! – now he who must not be named. Aug 29 '12 at 7:55
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findstr /S /D:"C:\\" "TextForSearch" *

/S recersion Searches for matching files in the current directory and all subdirectories.

* search for all files

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Thanks Ted. But, when I use /f option and redirect it to a text file, there is no delimiter. Any Ideas how doing it? – now he who must not be named. Aug 29 '12 at 7:39

For others,

Thanks Ted and Harry.

The solutions are

1) 1) findstr /m /f:"C:\\test.txt" "TextForSearch" > "out.txt"

for searching for a particular strings in files specified in test.txt and redirecting it to a text file named out.txt with matching files in separate lines (Demilited. Thank god.)

 findstr /S /D:"C:\\" "TextForSearch" *

checkout Ted's answer!

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