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I am working over word press after a long long time. In my website , I have a number of pages and most of them are of different designs. They all are added under pages but designs will be different for them.

I just want to know the standard way to handle them. Is there any different template scheme to handle different designs of pages ??


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You can simply place a tag at the top of your pages, say you create a file my-templated-page.php, you would tag at the top of that file like so:

* Template Name: My Template 1.0

That will allow you to go into Pages and select dropdown box 'Template' and select your template name My Template 1.0 . Simple style your my-templated-page.php as desired.

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No, you simply create headers and footers for every design. If that's what you want.

Every page templates

<?php get_header('header_page1'); ?> // it points to header-header_page1.php
    //custom html for Page 1
<?php get_footer('footer_page1'); ?> // it points to header-footer_page1.php

Reference here

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