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I' m trying to emuluate with Mongoose a fulltext search into two fields. I' ve spent most of the day testing several query types but I' ve always failed. The MongoDB shell query is this one:

db.feeds.item.find({lang:"en", $or:[{title: /searchexpression/}, {body: /searchexpression/}] })

In this example I want to return only english documents that matches the search expression (including a regex) in title or body fields or in both fields. This query works, but the problem starts, as I said, when trying to adapt it with Mongoose, :-(

Some expressions that I used and that didn' t work:

exports.fullTextSearch = function(lang, text, callback) { 
    MyModel.find({lang:lang, $or: [{title:/text/},{body:/text/}]}).exec(callback);
    MyModel.find({lang:lang, $or: [{title: new RegExp('\/'+text+'\/')}, {body:new RegExp('\/'+text+'\/')}]}).exec(callback);
    MyModel.find({lang:lang}).or({title:new RegExp('\/'+text+'\/')},{body:new RegExp('\/'+text+'\/')}).exec(callback);    


Thank you very much!

Luis Cappa.

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Haven't tested this, but according to the documentation this should work:


Like your third example, but with the "or" conditions in an array.


To have the regex dynamic, use the fourth example, but with the "or" conditions in an array:

MyModel.find({lang:lang}).or([{title:new RegExp(text)},{body:new RegExp(text)}]).exec(callback);

Or define the regex outside :

var regexText = new RegExp(text)
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I' ve tried previosly the same query and didn´t work. I again copy-pasted exactly what you suggested and nothing, :-( I' m starting to think that maybe this is a Mongoose bug... –  lcappa Aug 29 '12 at 8:19
I tried the queries which includes RegExp' s with no luck. –  lcappa Aug 29 '12 at 8:23
I simplified the query to execute the search into just one field like: MyModel.find({lang:lang, title: new RegExp('\/'+text+'\/')}).exec(callback); It could be a Mongoose bug related with regular expressions or even a non documented query component. –  lcappa Aug 29 '12 at 8:32
No bug! The problem is linked to the search expression itself. The search expression that executes the search comes from a HTTP request parameter, so maybe some decoding or special characters escaping issues are related with having no results. However, it' s strange, because when printing the search expression looks OK. I' ll continue testing. Thank you a lot for your time, Ragnar! –  lcappa Aug 29 '12 at 8:48
Ok, html encoding can cause problems. –  Ragnar Aug 29 '12 at 13:29

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