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I was looking for a documentation on TA-Lib in Java. I have found the page containing the list of available functions, and found this.

I see TADOCS provided the algorithms on some of the functions. However I was not able to understand the required parameters for the function, it does seemed to be mentioned. Is there anywhere where I could find it ?

Specifically, I was looking more for

LINEARREG       Linear Regression

Eclipse specifies linear regression as :

linearReg(startIdx, endIdx, inReal, optInTimePeriod, outBegIdx, outNBElement, outReal)

Is there anywhere I could refer to ?


The other thing I am unclear is how do I specify the values of TA_INTEGER_DEFAULT or TA_REAL_DEFAULT if they are not used ? I see this in the c++ docs

If you do not care about a particular optIn just specify TA_INTEGER_DEFAULT or TA_REAL_DEFAULT (depending of the type).

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I was able to use linearreg like that:

    double reg_result;
    MInteger begin = new MInteger();
    MInteger length = new MInteger();
    c = new Core();
    RetCode retCode = c.linearReg(0, intLRLength-1, dataset,intLRLength, begin, length, high_reg);

    if(retCode == RetCode.Success){



You can also look at the Ta-lib c++ documentation to get an idea of how the functions are implemented.

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so here, I assume startIdx = the start index for the data, endIdx = the end index for the data, inReal = the dataset, optInTimePeriod = intLRLength (?) outBegIdx = begin point of the output (?) outNBElement = length of the output (?) outReal = high_reg (the output ?) –  maan81 Sep 5 '12 at 21:20

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