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pack:tag is a JSP-Taglib that minifies, compresses and Combines resources (like JavaScript and CSS) and caches them in memory or in a generated file. It works transparent to the user/developer and the compressing-algorithms are pluggable. It reduces the number of http requests and hence helps in performance of web application.

My main purpose to use this library is to Combine all static resources(js,css etc.) at runtime.

My Weblogic Portal Application is deployed on Weblogic Server. pack:tag is working fine when using Tomacat 1.5 but gives the following error with Weblogic Server.

javax.servlet.jsp.JspTagException: Pack did not perfom successfull on combined Resource: null

Please help to sort out this error.

Thanx in Advance ...

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What you're describing here is very generic, but it seems that the servlet cannot find the source files...

Can you have the webapp without packtag working? If avoiding packatg, means that everything is working fine, can you post the tags / commands you use to group the js & css files?

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