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I want to get the week off from a table. The table having a field tblweekoff the

fldid   flddept     fldemployee         fldintime   fldouttime  fldlateafter    fldearlybefore  fldweekoff  fldshiftname    fldassigndate   fldfromdate fldtodate   fldrefid
1       Corporate   00625267-Karthick S 09:30 am    06:15 pm    09:30 am        06:15 pm         Sat,Sun,   COR-General Shift 07-25-2012    07-01-2012  07-31-2012

I want to get the report like this.

fldemployee           flddate       fldweekoff 
00625267-Karthick S   07-25-2012    
00625267-Karthick S   07-27-2012    
00625267-Karthick S   07-28-2012    weekoff
00625267-Karthick S   07-29-2012    weekoff
00625267-Karthick S   07-30-2012    
00625267-Karthick S   07-31-2012    
00625267-Karthick S   08-01-2012    weekoff
00625267-Karthick S   08-02-2012    weekoff
00625267-Karthick S   08-03-2012    
00625267-Karthick S   08-04-2012   

I want to get the report from 07-25-2012 to 08-10-2012 means the above result display like that..

Please help me to do this..

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are you using workbench? – Francois Aug 29 '12 at 9:24
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You will first want to create a calendar table.

See Mysql: Select all data between two dates

From there you can join the results from the calendar table to the employees.

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Thanks for your link.. – romi Aug 29 '12 at 9:54

Isn't just like this?

SELECT fldemployee, flddate, fldweekoff FROM yourtablename WHERE fldweekoff = `weekoff` AND flddate > `07-25-2012` AND flddate < `08-10-2012`;

There might be a minor error in this query, but it's should be close to what you want.

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Im assuming you use mySql workbench?

use this command

SELECT * FROM `a_database`.`a_table` where `flddate` >= '07-25-2012' and `flddate` <= '08-10-2012' and `fldweekoff` = 'weekoff';
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