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I have a column named Cons in a table named Conses as Order::Resource(PPP32#BB300320LQ00J#AAAR05504) I have second table which depends on first table. i wants to get all data from the seconds table and i did it manually as below and result is ok

select * from so_db..item   where  id =('PPP32' )
                            and    sub_id =('BB300320LQ00J')
                            and    tem_id =('AAAR05504');

but i want to replace inside the parentheses with an other query which must get one part of the column mentioned above as follow:

id = first part of column before '#' character

sun_id = middle part of column between '#' character

tem_id = last part of column

select * from so_db..item   where  id =( select Cons from er_db..Conses where UsedBy_ = 'mmmf8c713f490f8133c00e16ffdea136add')
                            and    sub_id =(select Cons from er_db..Conses where UsedBy_ = 'mmmf8c713f490f8133c00e16ffdea136add')
                            and    tem_id =(select Cons from er_db..Conses where UsedBy_ = 'mmmf8c713f490f8133c00e16ffdea136add');

Does anybody know how to do this?

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You simply have to do string manipulation.

Use substring, charindex, char_length, right and left functions :)

declare @string varchar(50)
select @string = 'Order::Resource(PPP32#BB300320LQ00J#AAAR05504)'
declare @start int, @end int, @secondstring varchar(100)

select @start = charindex('#',@string)
select @secondstring = substring(@string, @start+1, len(@string))

select @end = charindex('#',@secondstring)

select substring(@string,charindex('(', @string)+1, @start-1-charindex('(', @string)),
       substring(@string, @start+@end+1, len(@string)-(@start+@end+1))
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could you please correct the result of last sub-string which contains ')'. i'm gonna accept your solution. thanks a lot –  itro Aug 29 '12 at 10:28
@itro I've already did it. I did it also here when I corrected the other one. –  aF. Aug 29 '12 at 10:29

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