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i create my own User Control with C# .Net DevExpress. Now i can use this Control in all my projects, but i need to use it in a DexExpress.XtraBars.Bar. How can i take this? I just can use the baritems like Button, Check usw.


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You can't use the UserControl within the BarItem (Custom Controls on Toolbars). But you can implement a custom editor and place it into the BarEditItem. You can find the addition information in the Custom Editors help topic. For example you can subclass one of existing editors (for example, the ButtonEdit), and override the Painter and ViewInfo classes.

Please also review the following KB Article: How to use a custom control in inplace mode in DevExpress containers.

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Hard to say how to achieve it without knowing what kind of user control you made. But I think you can't add custom user control to bar, but you can create custom bar item. Here is an example. Or you could try to inherit BarItem class and then try to add to bar.

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