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I am using following xml configuration for defining a custom bean for splitter.

  <camel:split stopOnException="true">
      <camel:method bean="splitterBean" method="split" /> 
       <camel:to ref="sodSQLEndPoint"/>

 <bean id="splitterBean" class="com.processor.SodFundListSplitter" />

It doesn't run and gives an error:

12:31:28.770 [main] WARN org.apache.camel.util.ObjectHelper - Cannot find class: splitterBean.

If I use body instead of the custome bean, it works fine. Can anyone please tell me if there is anything extra to be done for allowing custom bean with splitter.

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Try using ref instead of bean

<camel:split stopOnException="true">
   <camel:method ref="splitterBean" method="split" /> 
   <camel:to ref="sodSQLEndPoint"/>
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Even after changing it to Ref does not work. I get same error saying 14:53:19.445 [main] WARN org.apache.camel.util.ObjectHelper - Cannot find class: splitterBean –  mehta Aug 30 '12 at 9:24

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