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Here the problem: For a project at work we need to include an extern API: mobileAppTrackeriOS from HasOffers.

It gives us a framework to include in our projet and instruction to enter in our code. So I copy the framework in the project directory and drag it into xcode to include it. But when i want to use it with:

#import <framework/mainheader.h>

The build give me an error :

Lexical or Processor issue 'MobileAppTrackeriOS_arc/MobileAppTracker.h' file not found

I check the framework search path in my target build setting, my main directory where is the framework is here.

I test with "" instead of <> same issue...

i cleaned and rebuilt, try to include directly the header... many ridiculous things... no changes.

So what I forget?

I'm on Xcode 4.5 and develop for iOS 6.0.

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Finaly i extracted the headers from the framework and directly import them... It's working but i'm not satisfied by this solution... – Grindan Aug 30 '12 at 8:12

A question, can you see if the framework is in Build Phases -> Link binary with Libraries?

If answer is not, you must add in this section.

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yep it's here too... – Grindan Aug 29 '12 at 9:07

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