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I have some problem with composer.

 "require": {
        "php":                ">=5.3.2",
        "kriswallsmith/buzz": "0.7"

Repo https://github.com/kriswallsmith/Buzz/tree/v0.7

Unfortunately github returns 502 for this request https://github.com/kriswallsmith/Buzz/zipball/v0.7

Request URL:https://nodeload.github.com/kriswallsmith/Buzz/zipball/v0.7
Status Code: 502 Bad Gateway

Luckily git clone still works ;)

Is it possible to tell/ask composer to user git clone instead of downloading zipball for this one dependency?

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The quickest solution is to run install or update with the option --prefer-source

php composer.phar install --prefer-source

In this way git clone will be used for all dependencies, I don't know if there's a setting to limit to one dependency only.

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In composer.json it seems you should be able to enforce this, via { ... "type": "project", "config": { "preferred-install": "source" }, ... } but in my experience that seems to get ignored. So the above command appears to be the only way to do it. –  Rolf Kaiser Sep 8 at 18:19

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