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i need a regex to match alphanumeric ASCII strings of length 11. currently i'm using this regex: ^\p{ASCII}*$.

is there a way to add a length constraint to it?

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k it was actually a pretty stupid question and i found the answer after about 5 mins on google but thanks for the quick replies... +1 all around – levtatarov Aug 29 '12 at 9:12
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This should do the trick:


this means you have up to 11 characters.

If you need only 11. you use:

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Yes, use the {n,m} quantifier. For example, ^\p{ASCII}{11}$. Though I don't know what \p{ASCII} is, try [[:ascii:]] or [[:alpha:]].

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You can use (I suspect you want at least one character)


or if it has to be a length of 11

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