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I have a project running on EngineYard , there I've started resque-web

Starting 'resque-web'...
'resque-web' is already running at

From the command line , I can see the statuses of the workers , there are 3 workers in idle state .

I am not able to see the Resque web UI by visiting xxxx:5678 , if xxxx is where I can access my app . How do I see the workers and their statuses using the Web interface ?

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Mount the resque web in the routes.rb like suggested here: Resque, Devise and admin authentication

  resque_constraint = lambda do |request|
    request.env['warden'].authenticate? and request.env['warden'].user.admin?

  constraints resque_constraint do
    mount Resque::Server, :at => "/admin/resque"

I found that you might get a "403 - forbidden" error trying to access the resque web via HTTP on engineyard. In this case, try HTTPS instead.

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