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When I'm passing a

Func<EntityType,bool> sourceFunc = a => a.Name == "name";


var crmEntities = m_xrmServiceContext.CreateQuery<EntityType>().Where(sourceFunc);

and then call

int i = crmEntities.ToList().Count;

it puts all the entities of EntityType in xrmServiceContext attached entities which is 488 entities!

But if instead of Func<> I use the original lambda expression, like so:

var crmEntities = m_xrmServiceContext.CreateQuery<EntityType>().Where(a => a.Name = "name");

and then call

int i = crmEntities.ToList().Count;

it will return only 1 entity in the attached entities.

I want to use the Func<> but I dont think that I want to have all those entities in the attached entities in xrm service context. Any idea why it puts them all there?

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Intresting..The solution was to pass


Instead of


And it returned only 1 entity to attached entities :)

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Thank you for self-answering! –  David J. Sokol Apr 11 '13 at 21:11
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