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Basically I have a Login window which should close once the user logs in and show another window, for now I've just hid it(Form.Hide()) however I do not wish to take unnescesary system resources and I don't need the login window after I already logged in.

this is the code snippet where I perform the operation:

MainWindow w = new MainWindow();

Windows is a dictionary that stores references of forms with their title as the key. TimeRegisterApi is a singleton. Basically what happens is that my application exits after I login instead of just disposing the login window, when I want it to dispose(close and go to the garbage collector.)

I know that having the title as key might cause duplicate key entries but in my current design it's no problem.

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Change your design :) and show login window in MainWindow – L.B Aug 29 '12 at 9:37

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You have to make your window form login as a modal form which parent is your mainform it will allow you to wait an answer (like a savedialog) and return to your main window form) this is your main form so you exist

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ok I fixed the problem, basically what happens is that when the window that is run from program.cs at gets disposed it closes the program because it's the main window, I think it would be possible to do an e.cancel on the dispose event of this window, however I solved the problem by running the window in a new like this:

from program.cs, relevant lines

 static void Main()
        Application.Run(new LoginWindow());

 public static void start()
        if (TimeRegisterApI.isLoggedIn())
            MainWindow w = new MainWindow();

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thank you for formatting, still new – Anders M. Sep 24 '12 at 12:36

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