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I use FluentValidation 3 and I have a strange problem when I use overloaded WithMessage methods.

A composite format string are not formatting correct. I get "true" instead of {0} in my format string. All other format items are not replaced.

For example:

 public class MyModelValidator : AbstractValidator<MyModel>
        public MyModelValidator()
            RuleFor(x => x.Caption).NotNull().WithMessage("{0} ----- {1}", "one", "two" );

Validation string which I get is: "true----- {1}" instead of "one----- two".

Could you explain me, what is wrong in my code?

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Well, response is... in the source Code.

You use this overload (not really clear in its usage, I must say) of WithMessage :

public static IRuleBuilderOptions<T, TProperty> WithMessage<T, TProperty>(this IRuleBuilderOptions<T, TProperty> rule, string errorMessage, params object[] formatArgs) {
    var funcs = ConvertArrayOfObjectsToArrayOfDelegates<T>(formatArgs);
    return rule.WithMessage(errorMessage, funcs);

So "one" and "two" are changed to an array of Func<T, object>, wich, of course, will lead to strange behaviours with your code...

You should use string.Format in your case

WithMessage(string.Format("{0} ----- {1}", "one", "two" ));

By the way, FluentValidation messages are "already preformatted" : The goal to use {0} in WithMessage is to modifiy the text around {0}. For example, NotNull has a "1 argument" preformatted message. That's why your {0} is transformed to "true", I think.

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Thank you for your answer. I think the reason of problem is really "already preformatted" FluentValidation messages. Because when I pass to WithMessage array of func: RuleFor(x => x.Caption).NotNull().WithMessage("{0} ----- {1}", x => "one", x => "two"); I have the same result. And I can't use string.Fotmat because I need pass as params exactly array of func. So, it is impossible to create validation message dynamically? – revolutionkpi Aug 29 '12 at 11:22
Look here fluentvalidation.codeplex.com/… . You could use your own resx file, with notnull_error key accepting 2 properties. I suggest you to download source code to see the default Messages.resx file. – Raphaël Althaus Aug 29 '12 at 11:37
ok, thanks, I will try – revolutionkpi Aug 29 '12 at 11:43

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