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I have table, and I want check/uncheckcheck box not only by clicking on checkbox, but on clicking on anywere in row too.
Code is here: source
But code works well only when I click on row. When I click on checkbox, logic works well but not checkbox.
PS. Value in array selectedAnimals should be animal object, not only ID or Name

PS2. With jQuery

   $("table").on("click", "tbody tr", function(e){

all working well, but I want do it witout jQuery

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Here's what's happening when you check the checkbox:

  • Item gets checked & added to the array (correct).
  • The add function is called due to event bubbling (the checkbox is in the TR, which has the click function added).
  • This function flips the checkbox again, which will cause it to be removed from the list and unchecks it.

You can't prevent the event bubbling when using the checked: binding, so the best way to do this is remove the add function from the whole TR and move it to it's own TD.

Here's the Fiddle.

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yep, it's works, but if I have more then one column <td>, then I must set data-bind="click... for-each? –  Ilya Aug 29 '12 at 10:48
Sadly, yes. You can look into binding without a container element to get DRY code, but you'll get more nested arrays. –  MarcoK Aug 29 '12 at 10:58

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