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How to create vertical Radio Button Group instead of horizontal rbn group in html form?

I don't want to use table for same. Is there any property/attribute available?

Any type of help/suggestion would be appriciated.

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There's 3 ways you could do it -- two with CSS or 1 with oldschool html:

1) The preferred way would be to use a CSS class. (ie add class="block" to the element and then .block {display:block} to your stylesheet.

2)Inline styles: Add style="display:block" to the element.

3)HTML: Add a hard break (br) element after the radio element (or enclose the elements each in a div or p element.)


<style type="text"css">
.block {
display: block;


<label class="block"><input type="radio" name="radgroup" value="A">Option A</label>
<label class="block"><input type="radio" name="radgroup" value="B">Option B</label>
<label class="block"><input type="radio" name="radgroup" value="C">Option C</label>
<label class="block"><input type="radio" name="radgroup" value="D">Option D</label>
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Thank you @Chelsea Urquhart. –  John Aug 29 '12 at 10:47

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