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I'd very much like to use the natural module (which seems to do fine nlp in javascript, which is rare) to perform operations in one of my mongodb scripts, but I don't care about any network stuff, server stuff or anything else. And I've never used node.js.

So I have several questions:

  • can I use the natural module without loading the whole node.js environment? If I can, how?
  • If I can't, how can I create the minimal node.js application, that won't mess with mongo to just get the advantages of natural without getting into troubles?

If you've other pointers to sharpen my understanding of node.js for this matter I'd appreciate it.

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Perhaps you could extract enough of the source code of the natural node.js package and its dependencies into your mongo script to make it work w/o node, but that would be painful. node.js isn't an environment like you're thinking; it's just a program that installs like any other program and has no effect on your system until you use it to run a script file, and then it only does what you've told it to in your script file. If that script file just does work with the natural module, it will have no effect on mongo or networking.

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