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At the store , in a category page ,when i sort by price (for both low to high or high to low ) , it doesnt care about the special prices , it sorts the products according to base price , not the latest decreased price..

And this causes wrong sorting for the products with special prices , it places them among the other products according to their normal price..

I couldnt find any solution , even a correct working example. I am using but as far as I can see this is a problem of all versions.

I will be glad if you may suggest a solution for this ?


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My small suggestion can you please add this module in your opencart I think your problem will be resolve.



and another way it's not possible to shorting in among with the huge number of category products in a pages so need to apply a conditional query for special products.

Thanks, Brendon

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this timecount module is not related with the sorting problem. even in their demo you can see the same sorting problem. the product with a special price 12.87 is listed under 177.5.. I think there must be an additional query placing the special price in place of the normal price before running sorting query.. may be an additional module.. –  user1632824 Aug 29 '12 at 12:11

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