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I want to improve my pages with some Visual Editor and have find this railcast about Mercury editor. All Done's, but when i pressed SAVE, I had redirected to my page without any changes. No errors, no warnings, just UNSAVED FORMATTING. Can anybody helps me?
Some code:
# routes:

mount Mercury::Engine => '/'

resources :tasks do
  resources :comments
  member { post :mercury_update }

# My controller:

def mercury_update
  task = Task.find(params[:id])
  task.title = params[:title][:value]
  task.body_task = params[:body_task][:value]!
  render text: ""


# In views/layouts/mercury.html.erb

new Mercury.PageEditor(saveUrl, {
    saveStyle:  'form', // 'form', or 'json' (default json)
    saveMethod: null, // 'PUT', or 'POST', (create, vs. update -- default PUT)
    visible:    true  // boolean - if the interface should start visible or not
 #when using 'POST' i have alert 'Mercury was unable to save to the url'

P.S. Rails 3.2.8, mercury-rails (0.8.0)

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Double check that you have matching ends in your TaskController. – Dean Aug 30 '12 at 14:10
I've raised a bug as I have a similar set up to you so might be worth keeping track of it see it it could resolve your issue. – Dean Aug 30 '12 at 14:47

I managed to set the saveURL by using this in the page that you wish to edit(such as 'pages/show.html.erb'):

   jQuery(window).on('mercury:ready', function() { Mercury.saveUrl = '/pages/' + <%= %> + "/mercury_update"; });
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